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Modern and traditional website sevices with hosting for small not for profit community groups in rural areas. Working together creates an opportunity for a successful outcome. A small friendly group encourages and inspires. More and more communities are coming together to affect their future.


Helping your community. There are many not for profit voluntary groups working for the benefit of the community without expecting any reward. They just volunteer their time and energy to improve and protect their community's heritage and environment. All started by chatting with friends and like minded people sharing their ideas .


Becoming Invovled. Nothing happens unless people become involved. To improve your environment it is necessary to identify the areas requiring attention. Councils can no longer continue in the manner they once did. Your projects can help the whole community.


Protecting your rural assets. Depending on perception, there will always be those who have cups half empty whilst others are half full. If something needs attention then action is required. It is pointless saying it is the responsibility of someone else. It just takes one person to start a project and others will join in. Will you be that person?


Over the years we have been involved in various aspects of community lifespending many years in the voluntary sector as well as promoting small businesses around the county and beyond. We have helped local RNLI branches with their fund raising, asssited youth groups, created promotional shows for business presentations, produced Discover Cornwall digital post card presentations, worked with Community bands, public halls, museums, rest homes,as well as environmental groups .